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Zelda: UO Epis:4 Zelda: UO Epis:4

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

constructive critisim again

Yo i apreciate you writing me back anyway, i though it was a step better than number 3 i really like your ideas which i would giv a 9
th graphics were a tad bland but better the sound was nice coming from previous zelda games the violence was decent seeing that there was like 1 min or so, the voices were decentish i like th introduction for darklink is there by any chance gonna be a vati or ganon in the upcoming seires? remeber this is constructive critisim dont get mad and unleash the triforce on me that just wouldnt be cool.

SSBM Collab 2 SSBM Collab 2

Rated 3 / 5 stars

a sprite collab?

well this was intersting, i like he i dea of a ssbm collab but this was kind of a let down i gave graphics a 5 because it was a sprite movie i like the 2nd with mario and bowser the style would have gotten higher if it wasnt a sequl you basicly took the idea, violnece was allright hummor was fine although the yoshi dieing was good overall it was decent i still think there should have been more battles with nemisises like mario vs lugi or gandorf vs link work more on it

this is constructive critisism dont get mad and burn maim or deslocate any of my body part i thought it was okay work harder next time. (i havent seen #1 so if this is like number im sorry )

Zelda: UO Epis:3 Zelda: UO Epis:3

Rated 3 / 5 stars

nice originality

well i think it was good i like the originality of your work but like the preveious person said the art work was kinda bland the voices needs some work the style was good violence there wasnt much of it but its okay due to a fact this is an opening, again the is constructive critisism dont get mad and swing a sword in my direction

ScootLumpDude responds:

I don't get mad at constructive critisizm. I actually like it. But when people just write a review and act...well... let's just go with not nice, it's not the same. I like your review. I always take in any suggestions anyone gives.

Lilium -Teaser- Lilium -Teaser-

Rated 4 / 5 stars

good luck

good luck on your lilum series now its time for constructive critisim.. the graphics and animation ran smoothly and i like that but i think you can do a little better the style was great but ive seen it done before there was no violence wich kinda disappointed me, lilum having a violent past and all. the sound was great still gave a eerie feeling like the first but not as creepy i give it an 8 out of 1o because i dont give 10s and its lacking somthing for it to be a 9.

[remeber his is constructive critisism dont get mad and try to take to beat me up i get that enough as it is]

oh i have a quesion i hope you can answer how did you come up with the lilum story and all was your imagination or a movie you saw i hope you can tell me.

Ultimate Naruto Fanflash5 Ultimate Naruto Fanflash5

Rated 4 / 5 stars


well that was awsome sort of sucks that your ending it but its your work i cant wait to see you original work
[i would put some constructive critisism butr since this is the last one i see no point to]

Naruto XD Flash Naruto XD Flash

Rated 4 / 5 stars


this was a very good naruto flash but it was kinda pointless and boring the music wasnt teribly bad but you should have added some voic acting or something the animation was great and so were the character models but i twas bascly a random flash but i liked it pretty sweet

[remeber this is constructed critisism dont get mad and hit across the head with a bat ]

MGS 3: Crab Battle MGS 3: Crab Battle

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

i saw this in psm

yea i saw this in psm magazine it said it was pretty fun and we should look it up for a joke or to and it was pretty funny

New Female Force of Four2 New Female Force of Four2

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


that was very intersting considering i didnt see the first 1it was pretty but i gotta say using sprites for animation was odd [thats why i gave it a seven ] the voice acting i guess was midiocore the story line was decent but i thing you should fix it the title had me thinking of well charles angels and breast srry=l but aother than that it was pretty decent cant wait to see more

[remeber this is constructive critsism dont mad and get and try to kill me i get that enough as it is]

Trixiaoyu responds:

LMAO! You are funny!
I agree...
I actually tried 2 use a Charlies angel style to this!
You know, Girl on Girl Kicking But and All!

hehe... I'll take ur criticisms and use them for my benefit when making the sequel!
so until then...

Thanks for the review!

Naruto Vs. Sasuke Naruto Vs. Sasuke

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

hey kinda cool

like i said kinda cool time for some constructive critisism alright the backround was kinda dull and boring you should have done it some where else like the pelimanary stage or something, the music was um sort of reptitive and the ending were funny but sort of irelivant [y didnt naruto use his inner demon or something?] well besides that it waas pretty decent cant wait to se more.

[remeber this is constructed critisism dont get mad and pull out an ak on me okay?]

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Frieza Vs Trunks (Pt.1/3) Frieza Vs Trunks (Pt.1/3)

Rated 3 / 5 stars


well it was okay but ithink you should try to put in your own vocie work instead of taking it from the show also try to add some humor in it to get the viewer more interested in it the bedroom noise was pretty funny but some wat bleak

[remeber this is constructed critisim dont get mad and do a kamehamha on my house i gt that enough already]